Station Date Line & Information 

WKPW-FM began broadcasting September 23, 1993 with a power of 250 watts, on an 80' tower, broadcasting from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. 

On January 10, 1994WKPW-FM began broadcasting 24 hours a day with the Ultimate Digital Studio CD automation system.

In June 2001, the automation system was upgraded to the Audio Vault 100 Digital automation system.  In the summer of 2005, the automation system was upgraded to AudioVault 2.

July 14, 1994 marked the date that WKPW-FM increased the power to 4,400 watts and became the second-highest-powered high school station in the State of Indiana.  WKPW-FM has the potential to reach nearly 38,000 + listeners daily.    

WKPW-FM began building new 2000 + sq. ft. "Showcase Studios" in January 2009 at the Knightstown High School.  

WKPW-FM transfered ownership from the Indiana Soldiers' & Sailors' Children's Home to the New Castle Career Center in June 2010.  

WKPW-FM moved into new studios at Knightstown High School on May 24-26, 2011.

WKPW-FM expansion began in May 2015  with the building of the 4th & 5th production studios

WKPW-FM is a student-operated noncommercial high school radio station, operated by the New Castle Career Center, located at Knightstown High School in Knightstown, Indiana. 


     Commercial-Free Classic Hits from the late 60's, 70's,  80's &  early 90's


                                                   4,400 Watts


                                                    WKPW FM                                             
                                          8149 West U.S. Hwy. 40
                                           Knightstown, IN 46148

                                  Studio/Request Line:  765-345-9070
  Knightstown H.S.:  765-345-5153, ext. 400
           Fax: 765-345-7977 

New Castle Career Center:  765-593-6680

 Key Personnel   

Program Director:  Mike York
General Manager:  Robert Hobbs, New Castle Career Center Director
Principal:  Steve Wherry, Knightstown High School
I.T. Director:  Brian Woods, Knightstown High School
Chief Engineer:  Bob Hawkins
Assistant Director:  Chris Lamb, New Castle Career Center
Secretary: Kathy Terrell, New Castle Career Center
Secretary:  Andrea Sharp, Knightstown High School


Station Equipment 

Air Studio

 20 Channel AudioArts R-90 Console - Electrovoice RE-20 Microphones - Crown Power Amp - JBL Monitors - dbx  286S Microphone Processors - Marti Remote Receiver &  Transmitter - Sage Emergency Alert System -  Audio Vault  Digital Music Storage System - 2- /24" Dell Monitors - Adobe Audition CS6 

 Recording Studio

​32- 8 Mackie Console - Shure SM7B Microphones - dbx 286S Microphone Processors - Crown Power Amps - JBL Mix Down Monitors - JBL 4410 Studio Monitors - Adobe Audition CS6 - Audio Vault Digital Music Automation System
LG Triple Array Monitor Display

Prod 2

12 Channel Audio Arts 55E Console - Shure SM 7B Microphones - dbx 286S Microphone  Processors -  Crown Power Amp - JBL Monitors - Audio Vault Digital Music Storage System - Adobe Audition CS6 - 23" Dual Dell Monitors

Prod 3 

12 Channel Audio Arts 55E Console - Shure SM 7B Microphones - dbx 286S Microphone  Processors -  Crown Power Amp - JBL Monitors -  Audio Vault Workstation - Audio Vault 2 Automation Systems - Adobe Audition CS6 - 23" Dual Dell Monitors

Prod's 4 & 5

(online fall 2016)

RF Equipment

Broadcast Electronics Transmitter -  Broadcast Electronics  Exciter - Orban 8100A Optimod - Orban 8100a/XT2 Limiter - Belar FM Modulation Monitor -  Belar Stereo Monitor -  AudioArts Distribution Amplifier
Broadcast Tools Switcher - Mosley STL Transmitter & Receiver
Rolls RS80 Tuner - Arbitron PPM Encoder

 *****Transmitter is backed up by a 55 kw Kohler generator***** 
WKPW Weather
Radio World
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State Competition
New Castle Career Center
Knightstown High School
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8149 W U.S. 40
Knightstown, IN  46148
Studio: 765-345-9070
$10,000 Donation (1991)
Studio Consturction (1991)
Studio Construction 2 (1991)
Studio Construction (1991)
!st Air Studio (1992)
1st Newsroom (1992)
1st Audio Production Console (1992)
1st Tower 80' (1991)
1st 180' Tower
Early TV Studio (1992)
Early TV Studio (1992)
Early TV Studio (1992)
8th Grade Career Day (2006)
Early TV News Set
Tower Erection (1994)
CD Jukebox Automation System (1993)
1st Oktoberfest (1994)
Second Production Console (2001)
Knightstown Panther Football State Finals (1997)
Video Editing (2001)
1st Morning Show (2000)
Career Day (2006)
Career Day (2006)
Day of Caring (9-11-01)
Day of Caring (2002)
Indy Car Driver Mark Dinsmore (2006)
Recording Studio (2004)
Recording Studio (2004)
Indiana Secretary of State
Todd Rokita (2006)
Recording Studio (2004)
Recording Studio (2004)
Recording Studio (2004)
Recording Studio (2004)
Gold Records
School of The Year (2006)
Pacer's Mark Boyle
Pacer's Mark Boyle
Pacer's Mark Boyle
Pacer's Mark Boyle
Pacer's Mark Boyle
Old Air Studio
Old Newsroom
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